Azib Chotani

Anwar Khalifa

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Rehan Mitha

The East Texas Islamic Society (ETIS) is a nonprofit organization of Muslims dedicated to worship, education and services in the Tyler and East Texas area. ETIS provides several prayer halls for worship; educational programs both in and outside the facility. ETIS also provides numerous services to the community, including five daily prayers, Jumma (Friday) prayers, Taraweeh prayers, Eid prayers, and Janaza (Funeral) prayers; speakers for churches, prisons, schools, universities, and other institutions; Dawah (outreach) programs for new and non-Muslims; Ghusl (washing) facility at the mosque for the deceased. The full-time Islamic school, Islamic Faith Academy, holds open house events at the Mosque.

Meeting Location(s):
10659 Texas Highway 64 East, Tyler, Texas 75707

Meeting Times:
Jummah (Friday) Prayer Service - 1:45pm, 5 time daily prayers

President: Azib Chotani
Vice President: Anwar Khalifa
Secretary: Abdul Rahman Kafray
Treasurer: Mohammad Qureshi